Custom -printed kavodrink bottles

A lasting Impression and advertisement that works

Due to state-of-the-art printing techniques, we offer you numerous printing options, even for smaller volumes.

With aboutwater your printing project is in the best hands

No matter if young or old, woman, man or child, coworker or customer, everyone needs to drink water. For this reason our printed Kavodrink-bottles are an ideal promotion item in terms of benefit and effect for you. 

We use printing processes that apply colors directly to the drinking bottle. You can even personalize your bottles, e.g. with names of your employees. Photorealistic motives in bright colours or black and white are implemented brilliantly as well. 

Kavodrink bottles are unbreakable, BPA-free, ergonomically shaped and impress with their super light handling. 

They are in use in offices, gyms, hospitals, when doing sports, your kids will love them at school as well. 

When color unites with the bottle it becomes a genuine brand packaging

We can realize small series for you and thus remain very flexible and efficient. Just send us your logo and the required quantity. You will reveice your personal offer immediately. 

  • ideal promotion item 
  • great welcome gift 
  • makes you company visible 
  • ideal for employees and clients 
  • from small volumes 
  • personalization such as names, numbers, mission statements
  • digital printing, screen printing and laser printing
aboutwater Trinkfalsche selbst bedrucken mit Werbung

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We will gladly help you find the ideal branding solution for your individual Kavodrink Bottle.