Drinking water is the best controlled food, isn't it?

Filtering water means control

However, it is assumed that the control and the defined limit values of the water are now insufficient. In many cases, our drinking water contains drug residues, hormones, chemicals or other pollutants. Many of these undesirable ingredients are either not measured at all or cannot yet be measured. The pollution of surface water and groundwater reservoirs is constantly increasing. Spray residues from agriculture are hardly ever removed by the water suppliers. Microplastics are so small that they remain in the water cycle. The pollution of our drinking water is complex and waterworks can only react slowly or not at all to these challenges.

Hand full of medicine
Drug residues in the water (Photo: Pexels License Dids)

Filtering water means taking responsibility

For these reasons, more and more people are taking responsibility for their own drinking water quality.

Because a water filter cleans water from all kinds of ingredients. Different results are obtained depending on the technique. Some filters eliminate the lime in the water, this protects the downstream end devices from limescale deposits. Others soften water, which significantly improves the taste of coffee or tea. Many bind metal ions such as lead or copper and eliminate taste and odor impairing substances such as chlorine. Some filters work with both membranes and carbon blocks. Thus, a multi-stage process is used that eliminates chlorine, dirt and other particles. Bacteria, asbestos fibers, cysts and viruses are removed from the water.

Filtering water is simply practical

A water filter is also convenient, because by using a water filter there is always fresh, cool and clean water at home. No more lugging around heavy crates of water, no more shrink-wrapped plastic bottles, more space in the basement or pantry.

Filtered water tastes better

Optimal water delivers optimal results for all beverages, be it pure water, coffee or mixed drinks. Filters also protect machines from limescale and calcium sulphate deposits. Substances that change taste and aroma are also filtered. Here you will find selected filters for your household!

Bird's eye view of a teapot and teacup
Water filter in use for full-bodied coffee and tasty tea

Filtering water is healthy

Tap water is - if filtered - also a real health alternative. Many do not know that bottled water is subject to far fewer controls than tap water. In addition, we often drink mineral water from plastic bottles, which can also contain pollutants. These can pass into the water during storage, accumulate in the body and act like hormones.

Babies, children and sick people also benefit from the repeated treatment of our water. Your body is less stressed and the metabolism is better supported by filtered water.

Filtering water protects the environment

One million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute. Many of these bottles end up in landfills or in the oceans. The figures come from a report on global packaging trends by the market research institute Euromonitor International.

Drinking filtered tap water is environmentally friendly, and you are acting in the spirit of sustainability. The purchase of PET, but also glass bottles, pollutes the environment. The result is polluted rivers, lakes and seas. Both the production of these bottles and the recycling costs energy and burdens our CO2 balance.

Plastic bottles on the roadside in Vietnam
Plastic bottles on the roadside in Vietnam

Filtering water reduces costs

Of course, you have to replace and maintain water filters regularly. A filter change is therefore required at regular intervals. A liter of filtered tap water is still much cheaper than a liter of bottled mineral water. The use of a water filter is therefore not only advisable for health reasons, but also for economic reasons.

In contrast, an entire house water filter system pays for itself more slowly. However, these systems have other advantages that pay off in the long term, because devices, systems and cables are protected and protected.

Filter water even on vacation

We all like to travel to the Mediterranean, to the tropics or subtropics in winter. We all know the warnings about germs in tap water. We only use water from plastic bottles to brush our teeth. Honestly, who hasn't been annoyed by this fact on vacation?

The solution is so simple, especially on vacation. If you want or need to drink water from open waters or from unsafe sources, just have yours mobile water filter included. You play it safe, stay healthy on vacation and protect the environment.

Water filter for on the go
Mobile water filter in use in Bangkok