Water for your company – sustainable and cost-effective

The best decision for you and your employees

With a table water system, tap water becomes your water – healthy and tasty: chilled or room temperature, still or carbonated, just as you wish. Choosing to drink fresh tap water is a sustainable choice that is also practical and good for your health and the environment.

Reduce costs and protect the environment

Any business can rent or buy one table water system save a lot of money. Because if you buy bottled water, you pay many times the price of water from the tap. With a water dispenser with a fixed water connection, you can obtain excellent, filtered and chilled drinking water directly from the tap. There is only a monthly rent, which is plannable and manageable for every company.

Of course, installing a bottled water system is also beneficial for the environment. This becomes apparent very quickly when you compare the CO2 balance of a piped water dispenser with bottled water supplied. No more energy is wasted and no unnecessary material is used for the production, filling and transport of the bottles. The impeccable quality of tap water is ensured by the Drinking Water Ordinance and regular analyses.

ECO TEST also confirms that tap water clearly scores higher than bottled mineral water.


The table water system for your company

In addition to the possibility of buying piped table water systems from us, we would like to give you the opportunity to be flexible. Is your company experiencing strong growth? Would you like to always have the latest innovations on site? Are you moving? You can never plan exactly how many people work in your premises and need to be cared for? Rent our table water systems.

Advantages of a table water system

  • Water for every taste: chilled/ambient sparkling/non-carbonated, hot
  • inexpensive
  • the highest hygienic standards
  • simple & safe drinking water supply
  • Number of employees is taken into account
  • Various forms of deployment (companies, canteens, waiting rooms, etc.)
  •  innovative water supply
  • mains water connection
  • Full service rental offer

Full-service rental offer for your flexibility

Our rental offers give you the flexibility you want from a provider of drinking water systems. This means that you can access our know-how and our advice at any time and exchange or supplement devices. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive maintenance and installation service on site. Thanks to our professional service, the devices always work perfectly and have the highest level of hygiene. This means that you as a tenant have no effort during installation and commissioning.

Making water your water

We at aboutwater will be happy to advise you which of our table water systems is best suited to your business or concept. With our full-service rental offer, you can fully rely on us for your sustainable water supply.