Purified water for a unique coffee taste

If you care about your fully automatic coffee machine, you can protect your machine with the right water filters. Water filters are an irreplaceable part when it comes to avoiding limescale, dirt and machine failures. The filters can be easily changed by yourself. They filter the water using a multi-stage system, preventing pollutants from getting inside the machine. This process preserves both the aroma and the full-bodied taste of the coffee. You can also find more information, tips and advice for your perfect coffee experience on our blog (LINK).

Versatile usable and also for other brands and devices

You can also use the Aqua Aroma Filter for all other coffee machines with an integrated tank and gravity operation. Brita itself recommends these filters for many different branded devices. If you are not sure which filter you need or whether the Brita Aqua Aroma Filter is suitable for your device, take a look at the operating instructions, there should be more detailed information for you here.

In contrast to the Aqua Aroma filter, the Brita Purity filter is intended for coffee machines with a water connection. These coffee machines must also be equipped with or use the water suction principle from below so that the filter can work/act correctly. Here, too, Brita recommends using the water filter and you can find more information in your operating instructions.

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