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Would you like to make your life easier and do something for the environment at the same time? With a water dispenser from aboutwater you can achieve these goals with a purchase or rental. Our range of water dispensers offers a wide range of models - there is something for every need. Regardless of the environment, our diverse range ensures that you always have access to fresh water.

Rent or buy a water dispenser

It doesn't matter whether it's an open-plan office or a start-up - fresh water for employees and customers is an absolute must in every company these days. Buying a water dispenser may seem expensive at first glance, but it always pays off in the long run. Many employees forget to drink enough during the working day and are therefore unable to concentrate or even dehydrated. Thanks to a water dispenser, your employees are subconsciously reminded to drink every day and can concentrate better thanks to the free drinking water supply. 

With a water dispenser in the waiting area for your customers, clients or patients, you too can benefit from the free offer. Short waiting times or delays can be easily bridged. You can also rent your water dispenser from us. Every rented water dispenser receives an all-round service from us, so that you do not have to worry about the maintenance and care of the system. Request an individual offer and rely on satisfied customers and energetic employees.

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Pure water

18.9 liters of pure reverse osmosis water

Reverse osmosis water is water that is cleaned using special membranes. These membranes filter out all impurities and bacteria from the water. This allows unwanted particles to be removed at the molecular level, resulting in the reverse osmosis water thus produced being clean and pure.

By removing most pollutants and minerals, it has a lower sodium content than regular tap water. In addition, it has other positive properties: it tastes better than normal drinking water because various additives are removed, and it also helps to reduce mineral deposits in the body or household appliances.

Therefore, people with sensitive skin or respiratory diseases in particular have strong advantages from reverse osmosis water, as it has a high degree of purity and cleanliness. Filtering also improves the taste of coffee, tea or other beverages.


Rent or buy a water dispenser - what is more worthwhile?

Of course, once you have decided to invest in a Bottled Watercooler for your business, the question remains whether you should buy it or rent it. Our rental offer is the perfect entry-level model to try out whether the water dispenser is even used by your employees and customers. You also save yourself the initial high acquisition costs for the system. Thanks to our full-service rental offer, your system will also be professionally maintained and cleaned by our specialist staff every month. This keeps your water dispenser hygienic and clean at all times.

Renting a water dispenser will save you the time and hassle of cleaning and maintenance in the long run. However, buying a device for your office is economically more profitable. Although they have high acquisition costs and a high total price at the beginning, they save the monthly rental fee. If you are currently not sure what is more worthwhile for you, then send us a non-binding inquiry! We would be happy to advise you individually and personally. 


Our all-round water dispenser service

The use of a water dispenser is particularly popular in offices and medical practices. But a water dispenser is also very useful in public facilities, such as kindergartens, schools or offices. Only in this way is it possible to supply all employees and customers alike with clean and fresh drinking water. You no longer have to buy expensive mineral water in individual bottles, do something good for the environment and reduce your costs. In the long term, you save money with a water dispenser in your office. 

Hygiene & service are our top priority. Anyone who chooses a water dispenser from aboutwater benefits from our impeccable service at all times. We will deliver the water dispenser directly to the desired location and our specialist staff will set up the device right there. Thanks to this service, you can put your water dispenser into operation immediately without much effort. 

You can not only look forward to hot, chilled, still or sparkling water, but above all to our regular maintenance. No matter which model you choose, the hygiene standards are always maintained and you can enjoy cool refreshment at any time. 

You always have the option of new ones with us 5 gallon water bottles (= 18.9 liters) to be reordered. You should always store the gallon in a dry and clean place to preserve the quality of the water. 

Benefits for companies and offices

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Benefits of a water cooler for businesses and offices

Probably the greatest advantage of a water dispenser for your company or office is the good drinking water supply for your employees. At the touch of a button, you get hot, cold or sparkling water without any fuss. Dehydrated employees are unfocused, unproductive and unable to do their jobs well. As soon as you set up a water dispenser in your company, your employees will be reminded to drink something 24/7. At the touch of a button, your employees or customers can get freshly felt water, and you can get carbonated water just as quickly. There really is something for everyone! A water dispenser from aboutwater transforms boring tap water into a real water experience.

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Rent a water dispenser for your business

From the meeting room to the waiting room in practice rooms - a water dispenser is always an advantage when people stay in the room for a long time.

With us you not only get the device and the service, you can also have your bottles individually labeled and delivered. So you can give every room in your office or company an individual design.

A water dispenser only needs a normal household socket and it is immediately ready to serve your customers, guests or friends with refreshments.

They are also flexible in terms of location. You are by no means tied to supply and waste water pipes, but can change the location of your water dispenser at any time.

Refreshing water for at home too

A person should drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. A water dispenser in your own four walls always reminds you and your family to drink enough water. Our water dispensers guarantee high quality and pure water. Depending on your needs, you can also order the "gallon" bottles from us at regular intervals to refill your device.

It doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold, sparkling or still - with a water dispenser for your home, you can enjoy the diverse world of water around the clock. You can request an individual offer from us at any time, tailored exactly to your needs. 

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