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Fresh sparkling water for your family from €40/month

Our piped water dispensers simplify your everyday life and ensure more comfort in your home or home office. The need and frequency of shopping is reduced as you get your water fresh from the tap. We install your water dispenser on site and supply you with CO2 for your sparkling water. Carrying boxes is a thing of the past with us!

Your water – healthy and tasty, chilled, hot or at room temperature,
Still or sparkling, it's up to you.

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We optimize your water enjoyment

When you use a water dispenser, you not only save money, but also space and time. At the same time, you actively reduce plastic waste and become an environmentalist. 

At the push of a button or directly from the tap, very simple and uncomplicated. All-in service on site - our technician takes care of installation, service and maintenance. It doesn't get any better!

inexpensive - convenient - sustainable

You have the choice - high-quality water dispenser or water straight from the tap

undercounter unit

Draw water directly from the tap

Stainless steel fittings - Italian design with shower function


tabletop device

water at the push of a button

large selection of devices


High quality stainless steel fittings

Fresh sparkling or still water straight from the tap!​

Fresh & healthy water for your home office

Especially in the home office, it is important that the supply of the best water is guaranteed at home.

Our piped water dispensers offer some clever advantages and help you stay productive and healthy!

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Our water dispensers are perfect for anyone who wants to easily and conveniently get fresh water in their home. Get rid of unnecessary purchases and annoying empties. Whether still, sparkling or chilled - our devices can do it all! Benefit from our all-round carefree rental offer and let us advise you individually. Of course, the devices can also be purchased from us – from €1,450 incl. VAT. 

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6 good reasons to choose a water dispenser

One of our water dispensers reduces your costs in the long term and helps you take a big step towards sustainability!

You save money, effectively reduce costs and have to go shopping less often

Healthy water for you and your family thanks to high-quality filters

Tasty, because disturbing tastes are filtered out by professional filters

Tap water is tested and of the highest quality

Water for every taste - sparkling, still, chilled, hot or room temperature

You protect the environment because you use resources sustainably

We take your water supply to the next level - sustainable & cost-effective

Our water dispensers for the home are in line with the new consumer awareness of our time. Quality, sustainability and professional service - that's what we value! A wired water dispenser combines the functions of a soda maker, water filter, refrigerator and kettle - you too can reach the next level!

The best thing about it – you effectively save costs!

100% sustainability

Choosing to consume fresh tap water is a sustainable choice that is also practical and good for your health. Unnecessary packaging and single-use bottles are items that are useful for a moment but create unnecessary waste. 

Become an active environmentalist, save effectively on waste and CO2 - no more buying water, no more lugging boxes home, bottled water is a thing of the past with us!

Sustainable & convenient - we optimize your water supply.

100% Professional quality

Our wired water dispenser guarantee high professional quality standards. Benefit from our regular service and have your CO2 conveniently delivered to your home and exchanged. 

We at aboutwater will be happy to advise you on which water dispenser is best suited to your requirements and needs.

With our All-inclusive rental offer stay flexible and you can completely rely on us!

Your water supply in comparison

Do you regularly buy bottles or crates of mineral water? Are you looking for a cheaper, more convenient and more sustainable alternative to stocking up on water? We compare water dispensers and bottled water directly for you. 

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Monthly "all-round carefree rent"
Bottled water system Home

from €40

plus carbon dioxide
Delivery and installation included

tabletop device

Our noble water dispensers combine functionality and innovation!

our range

Monthly "all-round carefree rent"
Water straight from the tap

from €60

plus carbon dioxide
Delivery and installation included

Undersink unit with stainless steel fittings

Our high-quality stainless steel faucet is the highlight in every kitchen!

Water dispenser from aboutwater

Design, quality and innovation at the highest level.

We will find the right solution for you and install our devices on site!

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We will be happy to advise you comprehensively and look forward to your inquiry! Contact us and you will immediately receive a personal offer from us.