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Making water your water

Our passion is the supply of drinking water and everything related to it. Of fresh water from high-quality piped water dispensers, pleasantly chilled water from our water coolers, drinking bottles made of tritan and glass, up to the unique LifeSaver® Water filter that gives you safe drinking water on the go. We are with our products and services in Germany and Austria there for her. Nationwide service throughout Germany.

table water systems

All table water systems from aboutwater offer first-class quality, flexibility and impress with the highest hygiene standards.

Bottled water cooler

All water coolers from aboutwater offer first-class quality, functionality and impress with their modern design.

drinking bottles

Whether Kavodrink bottle, aboutwater drinking bottles made of TritanTM or borosilicate glass - all our products are bpa-free, impress with their low weight and can be individually printed with a logo.

water filter

At aboutwater we offer you water filters for clean, odorless and tasteless water for use at home, in the company or in the office.


The portable water filter - safe and clean drinking water for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. The unique technology of all LifeSaver® models cleans and filters even the most polluted water.


Good for body and mind

Water is proven to be good for the body and mind. It fulfills important functions in the human body. A continuous supply of water is therefore essential for survival. A water deficit has a negative effect on physical and mental performance, and the ability to concentrate is also reduced. Especially when studying at school or in everyday office life, it is important to ensure a balanced water balance. 

With our table water systems, water dispensers, drinking bottles and complementary products, you've come to the right place at aboutwater. 

Whether in the office, at home or during sports, we have the right product for every place and every occasion.

In addition, all of our drinking bottleashes be individually designed, we print them with your company logo or desired slogan. This makes drinking pleasure really fun!  

The ideal solution to integrate health and sustainability into your life and to show it both internally and externally.


economic benefit

Sustainability does not have to be expensive!

We create lasting values with innovative and durable products. And this also for the benefit of our customers. 

Because an economical use of resources also reduces your costs in the long term. 

Our products offer enormous savings potential in every respect. An example of this is ours table water systems: With them, lugging boxes, plastic waste and tied-up time resources for administration are a thing of the past.

Drink refined tap water in the office or at home without hesitation and thus save costs. 

A sustainable investment!


Best quality with the water filter

Water is the elixir of life. At the same time, it is also a limited resource. We know that water of the quality we need is not always and not everywhere available.

For this reason, we have been dealing with the topic of for a long time water filtration, both stationary and on the go. For us, it goes without saying that we work sustainably and in a way that conserves resources.

Our LifeSaver water filter range enables us to provide perfect water quality in the field of mobile drinking water supply with its innovative technology and tailor-made products.

Thats what our customers say


Rent your table water system or your water dispenser

Get fresh water in the office without having to buy one of our table water systems or a water dispenser. You can also rent the devices from us and receive detailed advice and an exclusive maintenance service. Based on your ideas and requirements, you will receive detailed advice here. You can choose flexibly from our brands. Together we ensure that you are always supplied with fresh water.

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Simple, clean, fast, convenient. Regardless of whether it is a table water system, water dispenser, coffee machine, accessories or first-class services - we are there for you.