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Water: the most important ingredient for our recipe for success

The fact that water represents the origin of all life and is our most important asset is no longer a secret. For this reason, water is also the basis for all products and services from aboutwater and our reliable subsidiaries. Whether it's purified drinking water, personalized and printed water bottles or freshly brewed coffee, aboutwater offers you all services related to the clear elixir of life.
aboutwater drinking water dispenser: water glass

Making water your water: aboutwater24

The supply of purified drinking water has always been our greatest passion. Our expert aboutwater24 therefore offers you cool water from various water dispensers at any time and always has high-quality water filters and all accessories ready for you and your daily water needs.
aboutwater water dispenser Cappuccino LatteArt

Worry-free coffee enjoyment with Avendi

Italian attitude to life thanks to our fresh water and high-quality products from Avendi. "Lean back and enjoy coffee" is the motto of the Munich coffee provider. From the delivery of the fully automatic coffee machine to regular maintenance and the supply of fresh coffee beans, milk powder or other coffee accessories - Avendi always scores with the all-round carefree package.

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