The ultimate packing list for your next travel adventure!

Especially in the cold season, many people start a new travel adventure. Some plan to escape the cold temperatures for a few weeks around Christmas, others go on a big trip around the world. A trip with a backpack rewards us with many new impressions, gives us big and small challenges and lets us return home with a lot of experiences in our luggage. Backpacking is becoming more and more popular. 

The aboutwater team likes to travel. For this reason we put our heads together and put together our top 10 packing list for you: 

Number 1: The right backpack for on the go

Don't save in the wrong place, on the backpack. You will spend a lot of time with your backpack and often carry it on your back for several hours. That's why it should suit you perfectly. Get good advice and pay attention to the wearing comfort, but also to weight, robustness and water resistance.

Number 2: Our best travel water filter

Needless to say - we of course recommend the LifeSaver Liberty water filter. We believe it's the best portable water filter on the market. It only takes up the space in your backpack that a normal drinking bottle, a Steripen and water filter tablets would normally take up. But with the LifeSaver Liberty you have a filter and bottle in one. 

You can find more information about the LifeSaver here:

Number 3: sleeping bag

Even the best travel planning can sometimes not prevent you from having to spend a night without a proper bed. You can always use a decent sleeping bag. It should also be lightweight, waterproof and have a suitable temperature ranking. Get advice here as well and orientate yourself to the temperature specifications for sleeping bags in specialist shops. 

Number 4: travel adapter

A distinction is made between country-specific and universal adapters. Both have advantages. The country-specific adapters are practical for a holiday destination. universal plug can be used worldwide. With the universal adapters, you can really get electricity anywhere in the world. 

Number 5: phone/laptop

This is how you stay in touch with family and friends. They will want to know how you are doing. Small smart pads are light and do not take up so much space. If you also have to work on the go, then a small, handy laptop is probably better. In any case, don't forget the waterproof protective cover. 

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Number 6: Travel Belt/Waterproof Pouch 

Perfect for storing the most important things, such as technology or documents, dry. 

Number 7: travel towel

Traveling is always an adventure, but using someone else's towels is probably not always the greatest pleasure. We always have our own travel towel with us. These are light, take up little space and also dry extremely quickly. 

Number 8: Padlock

In order to lock up valuables, there should be no safe in the hotel or hostel, it is best to buy it with a code and not with a key. That way you don't run the risk of losing the key.

Number 9: sunglasses

Stay cool, even on the go! 

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Number 10: Flashlight

Even when traveling, the power can fail unexpectedly and suddenly it gets dark. To be prepared for this situation, always have a travel flashlight in an easy-to-find place in your backpack. Plan B: spare batteries 

Important: Scan all your important documents before the trip and upload them to your Dropbox! 

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