increase performance?

Bottled water systems in the office

Drinking enough water has many positive effects: it increases mental performance and improves physical health.

Our bodies require water for many of its vital functions. The kidneys and liver detoxify our system by removing waste products. Cartilage and joints need water to stay flexible. Studies have shown that drinking enough water can even prevent cancer and heart disease. So drink a glass of water several times a day, your body and mood will thank you!

What water type are you?

💧 Uncooled (or room temperature ambient),
💧 Chilled
💧 with carbonic acid

Soft drinks promote happiness, performance and health. table water systems are a good alternative to ensure a safe water supply. The existing water pipe can be used and thus used in the daily work in the office or in the practice or at home.

The Mineral and Drinking Water Ordinance distinguishes between natural mineral water and drinking water. Drinking water differs from mineral water in its origin and composition. This means details: Natural mineral water is only declared under certain conditions: Must be of underground origin and bottled at the source. In addition, it must not contain any added minerals or chemical additives. Bottled water can come from a variety of sources. The starting material is drinking water or natural mineral water. Optionally, other substances such as seawater, natural brine or mineral salts can be added. Although drinking water does not require a formal permit, the limit values for chemical substances specified in the Drinking Water Ordinance must be observed during production.

aboutwater offers you a special service for everything to do with table water systems. You not only benefit financially, but you can also enjoy our service in the areas of rental, maintenance and care of the system. We are there for you in Germany and Austria! This is how we ensure that you are always supplied with fresh & healthy water in the office or at home, whether chilled, hot, sparkling or still.

Find out now about the different possibilities and invest in one table water system!