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Rent or buy table water systems

aboutwater offers you a special service for everything to do with table water systems. You not only benefit financially, but you can also enjoy our service in the areas of rental, maintenance and care of the system. We are in Germany and Austria there for her! This is how we ensure that you are always in the office or in your At home are supplied with fresh & healthy water, whether chilled, hot, sparkling or still.

Find out now about the various options and invest in a bottled water system! 

Advantages of a table water system

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Does a table water system really make sense?

Do you have a company with many employees in the office? Then a table water system with a direct connection to the water pipe is the perfect solution for you. It does not matter whether the piped table water system is in the coffee kitchen and is therefore in regular use, or whether it is in the lunch canteen and is used by many employees during breaks.

A table water system ensures your company, your employees and your customers a safe, hygienic and simple drinking water supply at all times. The drinking water with the best taste lands directly and freshly in your glass. Together we will find the best solutions for your requirements on site and will be happy to advise you in detail.


Versatile uses

Table water systems from aboutwater are as flexible as our working environment. Whether they are for use in the office, in kindergartens, schools, in the gym or company are needed. Even highly sensitive areas like medical practices, hospitals and clinics can be covered and cared for thanks to the high hygienic standards of our devices.

Our table water systems all have special filters, causing a perfect standard of hygiene can be guaranteed. With regular maintenance, you always have fresh and healthy drinking water available, even with a large number of people. 

No matter how you prefer to enjoy your water - our drinking water systems will fulfill your every water wish. You can also make various settings with our piped water dispensers. We give you the information you need to choose the right model.

Business benefits

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Rent a table water system for your company

In addition to the possibility of buying piped table water systems from us, we would like to give you the opportunity to be flexible. Is your company growing fast? Would you like to always have the latest innovations on site? Are you moving? You can never plan exactly how many people work in your premises and need to be cared for? Rent our table water systems!

With our rental offers get the flexibilitythat you want from a drinking water supplier. You can access our at any time Know-how and our advisory fall back and exchange or supplement devices. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive maintenance, such as On-site installation service. Thanks to our professional service, the devices always work perfectly and have the highest level of hygiene. This means that you as a tenant do not have to worry about the installation and commissioning of the drinking water dispenser.

Our large range of devices enables us to respond individually to your needs and wishes. Thanks to our systems, you can offer your customers, employees and partners water according to their taste at any time.

You can choose your table water system individually, depending on your requirements, your equipment, existing line, design wishes and locations. All you need is a fixed water connection or a water pipe within a maximum of 5 meters of the desired location of the system.

An important advantage for you as an entrepreneur is the economic profitability of a bottled water system. In combination with regular maintenance of the system, you can enjoy pure drinking water on site and avoid annoying water orders.

Our table water systems also score with their perfect hygiene. Various built-in filters and optionally even UV light guarantee the freshness of the drinking water at all times. It does not matter whether the table water system is located in a public facility or in an office.

Table & stand-alone units: Do you have a lot of space in the canteen? Then we recommend a standing device. Do you have several small coffee kitchens? Then perhaps the supply using a tabletop device or a tabletop device is ideal.

Your water supply in comparison

Do you have bottles or crates full of mineral water delivered to you by a supplier every month? Are you considering investing in a piped water dispenser? Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of both variants here.

The result is clear - tap water is ahead, especially when it comes to climate and environmental protection and it is also significantly cheaper!

ÖKO-TEST also confirms that tap water clearly scores higher than bottled mineral water.

Read more about the topic in the ÖKO-TEST article.

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