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Water dispenser FMAX

The aboutwater water dispenser FMax in a modern, slim design provides you with cold spring water at room temperature. Its modern housing has interchangeable side panels in different colors. The FMax is equipped with an integrated cup holder and wheels on the back and can therefore be set up very easily and at any number of different locations. An all-rounder for your office, waiting room or practice.

The highest standard for you with the FMAX

Due to its high water outlet, the water dispenser offers convenient water removal. You can choose between different colors of the housing and thus integrate the water dispenser optically optimally into the desired environment.



color variants


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Carbonation is not included and will be charged separately. We recommend at least 1 spare bottle when the device is delivered.

We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have personally.

Technical Info

Technical Info

  • Fulfills the highest hygienic requirements
  • Available as a cold/room temperature and as a hot water variant (non-carbonated)
  • Cold water: 5-10℃
  • Dimensions with bottle: width 26 cm x depth 31 cm x height 146 cm
  • Cup dispenser integrated in the housing
  • During maintenance, all water-carrying parts are replaced, so the device meets the highest hygiene guidelines
  • Tap buttons and water outlet separate, can be used in hygienically demanding locations such as retirement homes
  • The F-Max water dispenser is ideal for your office, business or practice
aboutwater water dispenser for the office: Interior shot of an office with a drinking water dispenser

The FMAX in action

Offer your customers or employees refreshing and healthy cold, room temperature or hot osmosis water. Ideal, for example, in the office to make it easier for your employees to drink regularly.

With its slim and elegant design, it is also an eye-catcher. With an integrated child safety device, the heating device can also be set up in waiting rooms or day-care centers without any problems. 



The FMAX water dispenser is used in particular in offices, waiting rooms and surgeries. Due to its high water outlet, the water dispenser offers convenient water removal.

aboutwater water dispenser for the office: woman at the drinking water dispenser by the lake
aboutwater water dispenser for the office: woman at the drinking water dispenser

Technical details

General data

Five models

power supply


30 | 30C | 30 Plus C | 30 HC | 45c

230V - 50Hz

made of robust stainless steel and tempered glass


cooling capacity

cold water temperature

temperature hot water
on the 30 HC model

Temperature cooling room temperature

30 liters/hour

5 degrees Celsius – 12 degrees Celsius

95 degrees centigrade

Min. 5 degrees Celsius - Max. 42 degrees Celsius

treatment of the water

hot, room temperature & chilled

still & sparkling

external CO2 supply

30 liters of cooling capacity per hour

Cooling adjustable from 5 °C to 10 °C

Use of the ecological & natural refrigerant R290

Aluminum block dry cooler technology

CO2 indicator

hygiene aspects

Nano silver coating on the water outlet

Touch-free outlet thanks to touch protection made of stainless steel

Maintenance friendly

Easy cleaning

Specific Benefits

Base cabinet for all models

cup collector

Water treatment and UVC protection at the tap

Under-cabinet devices with tap possible

designs and materials

Manufactured from stainless steel and tempered glass, making it very robust

Suitable for drinking vessels with a height of up to 270 mm

Tapping without interruption

water from the tap

Glass portion buttons

Alu Frame Design© 3mm

Center console in piano black

Cup lighting amber / white

Extremely quiet

energy standards

Freely programmable portion control for optimized filling

Energy saving function, to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%

Programmable switch-off time

In numbers

Dimensions (W × H × D)

Sufficient space must be left on all sides for ventilation and maintenance.

CO2: According to BGN and DGUV, the requirements for the compressed gas supply must be observed.


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