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Fontemagna water dispenser

Regardless of whether it is still or sparkling water, the Fontemagna water dispenser has the right refreshment for every taste. The high-performance water dispenser is also designed for a large number of users and is therefore very resilient. We will inform you about the numerous advantages of this reliable professional device.

Longing for a cool refreshment? No problem - thanks to the particularly efficient ice bank cooling inside the water dispenser, the Fontemagna can cool large quantities of water and thus facilitate the drinking water supply. The generous distance between the tap and the drip tray is particularly suitable for filling up bottles or even carafes. So you can take a larger amount of the soft drink with you to your desk or to a long meeting. 

Sustainability & Diversity



Technical Info

Technical Info

  • Cooling capacity: 30 - 45 liters/hour
  • Cold water temperature: 5 degrees Celsius – 12 degrees Celsius
  • Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz
  • Temperature Cooling room temperature: Min. 3 degrees Celsius - Max. 10 degrees Celsius
  • Materials: Made of durable stainless steel



The Fontemagna water dispenser is a high-performance device that reliably meets all hygiene requirements and is particularly at home in cafeterias, large canteens, catering establishments, hospitals or canteens. Very high user numbers correspond exactly to the performance of the sustainable and modern Fontemagna water dispenser. 

However, since it scores with its robust design and its stable stainless steel housing, it is also suitable for schools, kindergartens or canteens as well public facilities. Wherever there are peak times such as lunch breaks, when there is a high rush and many people want to fill their carafes or bottles at once. 

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Technical Info

  • 3 types of water: still chilled, room temperature
    and carbonated water
  • Painted plastic drip tray with optional connection for a drain hose
  • Powerful carbonator canister made of stainless steel
  • Body made entirely of stainless steel
  • stainless steel buttons
  • Cooling with an ice bank
  • Optional UVC lamps in the output area
  • Front door with lock
  • Easy access from above for service work
  • Optional alarm system for water and Co2 gas shortage

Technical specifications

General data

Three possible water options

power supply


Powerful carbonator canister made of stainless steel

Lockable base cabinet

Still chilled, room temperature
and carbonated water

230V - 50Hz

made of robust stainless steel and tempered glass


cooling capacity

cold water temperature

dry cooling


30 / 45 liters of cooling capacity per hour

from 3 degrees to 10 degrees

treatment of the water

room temperature & chilled

water from the tap

45 liters of cooling capacity per hour

Cooling adjustable from 5 °C to 10 °C

Use of the ecological & natural refrigerant R290

Temperature adjustable

hygiene aspects 

Screened water outlet

Touch-free outlet thanks to touch protection made of stainless steel

Maintenance friendly

3-stage hygiene filter system

Optionally retrofittable at extra charge

Specific Benefits

Protected outlet tap by removable stainless steel protection against accidental contact

cup collector

Water treatment and UVC protection at the tap

Matching cupboard with integrated cup dispenser (for 100 cups)

designs and materials

Body made entirely of stainless steel

Nano silver coating of the black device front to avoid germ formation

UV-C radiation at the outlet tap

Extremely low noise

at a distance of 1.5 cm

Optional at extra charge

energy standards

Energy saving function, to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%

Programmable switch-off time

In numbers

Dimensions (W × H × D) in cm per model

80C 150C
52 / 145 / 50,5 52 / 145 / 50,5

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