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The gastro solution from €139/month

With our water dispensers, tap water becomes yours branded water – healthy and tasty, chilled or room temperature, still or sparkling, just as you wish.

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Gastro solution from aboutwater

With the Acqua Alma water dispenser, tap water becomes your branded water - healthy and tasty, chilled or room temperature, still or carbonated, just as you wish.

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Acqua Alma – smart savings in the hospitality industry

When you use a water dispenser, you not only save money, but also space and time. At the same time, you become an environmentalist and thus increase customer satisfaction. More and more consumers are paying attention to sustainable gastronomy concepts and want to support them. It doesn't get any better!

Reduce costs with our water dispensers

How do you reduce your operating costs and at the same time manage to increase customer satisfaction and your profits? Many entrepreneurs are asking themselves this question right now: The low to medium capacity utilization is one of the main challenges of our time. For this reason, companies have to rethink, further develop their offer and develop new solutions.

Our prognosis: Everyone who can, will switch in 2020 - restaurants, hotels and catering companies! The guest in the restaurant no longer gets well-travelled water from the bottle, but a glass bottle in a modern design with a pretty logo and filtered water from the tap. As a result, 0.75 liters of table water cost 5-6 € and 0.3 liters around 3 €, but the guest will be happy to accept this price because it protects the environment and can easily do something against climate change.

Rely on large capacities and save expensive storage space at the same time

The Acqua Alma concept is interesting for catering establishments in several respects. In particular, the economic profitability of the water dispenser is a great advantage for many restaurateurs. Do you want to waste valuable square meters as storage space? No! With a water dispenser from aboutwater, you can reduce or even save on high fixed costs for storage space. Due to the low space requirement of the system, you can use the storage space gained for other drinks and save money. With efficient water management, you can reduce your costs in no time and still offer your guests fresh and clean water.

Offer your guests fresh water with the innovative and compact Acqua Alma concept. Take advantage of the freed up space as new storage space and the lower cost of a plumbed water dispenser.

Sustainable guests – sustainable water concept

Environmental protection and climate change are important issues for many consumers. Today's consumers are paying more and more attention to the topic of sustainability and their ecological footprint in our world. As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the current sustainability trend! With Acqua Alma we provide you with a sustainable and high-quality water concept for the catering industry. Each individual can contribute to more sustainability, but industry and gastronomy in particular should act as role models here. Together we change something and you inspire your guests with an innovative solution!

Where does the trend towards self-made table water in gastronomy actually come from?

The mega trend towards sustainability has led to the fact that sustainable and climate-friendly measures are not only well accepted and appreciated by guests, but are currently even being demanded. This development opens up completely new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Anyone who protects the environment today, for example with a modern water concept, is a climate hero! Clever entrepreneurs in the catering industry have recognized the future viability of innovative technologies and sustainable water management and are already offering their customers intelligent solutions for their table water. Thanks to the lower costs, you can already earn significantly more on the water today than you did a few years ago.

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The Aqua Alma concept is perfect for all entrepreneurs who want to invest in sustainable water management. Discover our all-round carefree rental offer and let us advise you individually. To contact us and send us an inquiry!

6 good reasons to choose Acqua Alma

Acqua Alma reduces your costs in the long term and helps you to take the step towards sustainability, but what else speaks for the Acqua Alma concept?

You save money, effectively reduce costs and increase your profit

Healthy water for you and your guests thanks to high-quality filters

Tasty, because disturbing tastes are filtered out by professional filters

Tap water is tested and of the highest quality

Water for every taste - sparkling, still, chilled or room temperature

You protect the environment because you use resources sustainably

Horeca – Sustainable water enjoyment for your company

Acqua Alma is in line with the new consumer awareness of our time. Customers are increasingly paying attention to issues such as quality and sustainability and are open to innovations and forward-looking concepts. Face the new challenges and convince with a new concept.
The best thing about it – you effectively save costs!

100% sustainability

Choosing to drink fresh tap water is a sustainable choice that is also practical and good for your health. Superfluous packaging, disposable bottles and straws are items that are useful for a moment, but which the modern and sustainability-oriented guest no longer wants.

100% Professional quality

The water dispensers from aboutwater guarantee high professional quality standards, from the small system in the bistro to large users such as canteens.

We at aboutwater will be happy to advise you on which water dispenser is best suited for your company or your area of application. We also offer you an all-round carefree rental offer. This gives you flexibility and you can completely rely on us!

Your water supply in comparison

Do you have bottles or crates full of mineral water delivered to you by a supplier every month? Are you considering investing in a piped water dispenser? Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of both variants here.

The result is clear - tap water is ahead, especially when it comes to climate and environmental protection and it is also significantly cheaper!

ÖKO-TEST also confirms that tap water clearly scores higher than bottled mineral water.

Read more about the topic in the ÖKO-TEST article.

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plus carbon dioxide
Delivery and installation included

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Your system will pay for itself from the first Acqua Alma table water ordered.

Water dispenser from aboutwater

Design, quality and innovation. Our water dispensers are the ideal solution to satisfy your customers and increase the efficiency of your establishment.



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