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Table water systems from aboutwater

fresh drinking water every day

Water is considered a revitalizing elixir of life and a valuable commodity all over the world. However, we not only want to supply you as our customers with the refreshing drink reliably and daily, but also attach particular importance to a sustainable and responsible use of the cool liquid. That is why we have made it our task to treat, filter and clean fresh water for you so that we can provide you and your team with the best drinking water every day. 

table water systems

aboutwater water dispenser for the office "Blusoda" drinking water dispenser


Compact, strong and made entirely of stainless steel

aboutwater water dispenser for the office "Fontemagna" drinking water dispenser


High-performance device, robust and therefore suitable for many users

aboutwater water dispenser for the office drinking water dispenser "Wave"


Elegant, with a wide range of services

The advantage of a table water system

All table water systems from aboutwater offer first-class quality, functionality and impress with their modern design. So every customer will find a suitable system for rent for fresh drinking water from us.

Piped table water systems are particularly useful if many people use the table water system regularly. Otherwise, the different table water systems differ mainly in terms of the performance of the cooling in the water flow, technical details, external appearance or the type of water extraction.

Unique service for table water systems

Why a table water system from aboutwater, you ask yourself? Of course, there are already many suppliers of table water systems in the Munich area - but only we combine pure drinking water, innovative technology, sustainability and, above all, personal and warm service.

So don't just buy a table water system from us, you can also benefit from our unique and competent maintenance service. Of course you can also rent table water systems and water dispensers from us and enjoy the corresponding service.

aboutwater Water bottle for the office: woman works in the office

thought through.

aboutwater water dispenser: Woman in the gym with an innovative drinking bottle


Elegant, versatile table water systems with a wide range of services.​​

aboutwater water dispenser: Hygienic water dispenser for hospitals Close-up of water dispenser


Models specially designed for hygienic
demanding environments, such as hospitals.​

aboutwater water dispenser: girls and boys learn with innovative drinking bottles


Energy-saving operation through innovative functions and environmentally friendly equipment.​

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