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Fully automatic coffee machines for rent: The advantages for companies

You could say that without coffee, work in German companies comes to a standstill. After all, many people today find it difficult to get going without a regular intake of caffeine. It is not at all easy for the companies themselves to decide how best to provide all employees, customers and guests with fresh coffee. The question is in the room: Should we rent a fully automatic coffee machine or rather buy it?

We at Avendi are happy to help you with your decision and offer coffee machines for sale as well as for rent. However, we know from experience that in many cases renting is more advantageous for companies. We would like to give you a few decision-making aids. However, do not hesitate to request a free, personal consultation from us. We are also happy to help with individual questions.

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Better to rent well than buy wrong

Really good coffee machines are not cheap. If you look around on the market, you are spoiled for choice and can quickly go wrong. If it turns out later that the machine you bought is too slow, for example, to provide all employees with enough coffee quickly or the quality of the hot drinks is not right, you have to invest again in the worst case.

This cannot happen to you if you rent a coffee machine from Avendi. We are always flexible and will be happy to provide you with another model.

Your carefree coffee package at fair prices

We personally tailor our offer to your company. At the beginning there is a detailed personal consultation, so that we can guarantee the optimal coffee supply for your requirements. Regardless of whether it is a rental or service contract, we will put together an individual package for you that best suits your needs. Great flexibility, also in terms of conditions and terms, sets us apart.

Everything is possible, right down to a carefree coffee package. We take care of the delivery, installation and setup of the machines. If you book a monthly service package, we will also take care of the maintenance and care of the coffee machines. On request, we can also deliver the popular Mocambo coffee. Our service staff are always there for you in the event of problems or repairs. In short: With us you receive all services related to coffee from a single source.
This cannot happen to you if you rent a coffee machine from Avendi. We are always flexible and will be happy to provide you with another model.

Stay liquid with the coffee machine rental

Are you opening a new branch, a bistro or a hairdressing salon? Then you know that many investments are due at once, especially at the beginning. By renting a coffee machine, you can avoid high acquisition costs and achieve better cost planning.

Coffee service for business

Our selection of fully automatic coffee machines for you

laRhea V+ Grande whole bean

laRhea V+ iC whole bean

laRhea V+ Grande Premium







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