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Of course, the quality of tap water is checked very carefully in our latitudes. That is why many people choose to drink tap water. However, many water users are not aware that tap water is not free from contaminants such as drug residues, nanoplastics, bacteria or pesticides. Impurities are removed from the water by high-quality and efficient filters. At the same time, filters improve the taste - a positive side effect that should not be underestimated.

Professional water filters

aboutwater water filter

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Filter variants

We at aboutwater offer you water filters for clean, odorless and tasteless water for use in the catering trade but also at home. For coffee machines, table water systems, ice machines and much more - we only supply you with excellent filtration systems to improve the properties of your water.

The filters are easy to replace. Simply select the best filter for you and you can enjoy delicious water - every day!

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