brand new!

Slim & wide neck edition

Practical and stylish!

Our slim and wideneck bottles have a modular structure, and the closures are available in stainless steel and in a bamboo look. Both the bottles and the closures can be individually printed! A protective cover? I would love to, what color? The practical protective covers are available in many colors and are not only beautiful but also extremely handy. The outer packaging can also be printed individually!

The many advantages and the great appearance of our bottles speak for themselves, so order now and feel the best drinking pleasure!


We show greatness

If we don't drink enough, we get thirsty. But thirst is already a first reaction to a deficiency. Drinking when you are thirsty puts stress on your body. You can easily avoid this stress by drinking consciously.

With the drinking bottles from aboutwater you develop healthy drinking habits. You always have the light and robust bottles with you and you simply take a small sip from them again and again. This is how you make drinking water a ritual, like taking a drink break with colleagues in the office.