Sustainable - BPA FREE - unbreakable

Tritan Kavodrink BOTTLES

 Water bottles are your daily partners. At work or when doing sports. Our sustainable and refillable Tritan™ water bottles will be your perfect everyday water companion. 

Tritan™ water bottles for employees

Unlike many plastic bottles, BPA-free Tritan™ bottles do not contain bisphenol-A (BPA for short).

If you are looking for alternatives to plastic bottles, you will find them in our Kavodrink Tritan™ bottles. Not only is the material plasticizer-free but also a substitute for any glass bottle. 

Tritan™ water bottles are unbreakable, crystal clear, heat resistant, dishwasher safe, light, tasteless and odorless as well as long lasting and therefore sustainable.

With our Kavodrink bottles we promote a product with a long lifespan made out of a lightweight, high-quality material – Tritan™ 

Drinking bottle for the office
aboutwater water dispenser: woman drinks from an innovative drinking bottle

Drinking water for you!

If we don't drink enough we get thirsty. Thirst is already a first reaction to a lack. Drinking with thirst means stress for the body. You easily avoid this stress by conscious drinking. 

With Tritan™ Kavodrink bottles by aboutwater you naturally develop healthy drinking habits. The light and sturdy bottle is always with you.

0.5 liter - 0.75 liter - 1 liter bottles

aboutwater Tritan™ bottles are lightweight, durable, unbreakable, dishwasher-safe and available in 3 different sizes, each with a standard blue closure or a handy flip-top closure. 

Single-use bottles made of plastic, which unfortunately are still common, end up in the garbage and pollute our seas and waters. Not only the single-use of plastic bottles leads to environmental damage, so the disposal is anything but easy. 

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