Sustainable and BPA - free - Tritan™

Tritan drinking bottles

Refillable drinking bottles made of Tritan™ are our constant companions. Tritan™ is very stable and has a light weight. This is an excellent way to transport a bottle made of Tritan™.

Drinking bottles made from this BPA-free plastic are the ideal alternative to disposable bottles because they can be refilled at any time. Waste production is also significantly reduced.

Children also like to use the Kavodrink bottles because they are robust and unbreakable. This makes Tritan drinking bottles ideal for use in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, health facilities and for sports.

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Tritan™ employee water bottles

Unlike many plastic bottles, BPA-free Tritan™ drinking bottles do not contain any bisphenol-A (BPA for short).

That's a good thing, because BPA is a component of hardeners and softeners, which can be released from the plastic and act like a hormone in the human body.

If you are looking for alternatives, you will find them in our Kavordrink bottles made of Tritan™. The material is not only plasticizer-free, but also has a number of other advantages that make it a popular substitute for glass.

Tritan™ drinking bottles are shatterproof, crystal clear, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe, light, tasteless and odorless as well as durable and therefore sustainable.

With our Kavodrink bottles, we focus on longevity and a light, high-quality material - Tritan™.

Drinking bottle for the office
aboutwater water dispenser: woman drinks from an innovative drinking bottle

drinking water for you!

If we don't drink enough, we get thirsty. But thirst is already a first reaction to a deficiency. Drinking when you are thirsty puts stress on your body. You can easily avoid this stress by drinking consciously.

Develop healthy drinking habits with the Tritan drinking bottles from aboutwater. You always have the light and robust bottles with you and you simply take a small sip from them again and again. This is how you make drinking water a ritual, like taking a drink break with colleagues in the office...

3 sizes - one advantage:
0.5 liters - 0.75 liters - 1 liter

The Tritan™ bottles from aboutwater are characterized by many advantages: they are light, robust, dishwasher-safe and available in 3 different sizes, each with a standard blue cap or a practical flip-top cap.

In addition, our Kavodrink bottles do not unnecessarily burden our nature - this is how we help the environment and people.

Plastic bottles, which are still common today, end up in the garbage and pollute our seas and waters, because not only does the use of the bottles lead to environmental damage, the disposal is anything but easy.

By not using disposable bottles, you too are helping our planet.

Sustainability plays an important role at aboutwater. If you think about sustainability, you can make the world a better place in a simple way. At aboutwater, we think about this every day and with every sip of water we drink.

Now New!

The aboutwater Tritan™ bottles are now also available in black.