Refined spring water for your water dispenser

For your aboutwater water dispenser, we offer you particularly high-quality and easily digestible aboutwater water. It is pumped from a spring deep under the ground as natural spring water and then refined into reverse osmosis water in a complex filtering process. The soft reverse osmosis water only contains what really belongs in the water glass: almost pure H2O. Our refined spring water is regularly tested using a water analysis.

At aboutwater you get the purest reverse osmosis water for your water dispenser in 18.9 liter bottles (5 gallons). As a result, the water bottles and water dispensers remain free of limescale and look good for much longer. In addition, reverse osmosis water performs much better from a hygiene point of view than normal mineral, spring or table water. So it's good for your health too!

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What is reverse osmosis?

The process of osmosis occurs naturally every day in every cell around the world: water moves through a membrane triggered by different pressure environments. Reverse osmosis works in a very similar way and is a world-renowned refining process for drinking water.

In reverse osmosis, original spring water is pressed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure against the natural osmotic gradient. Only the smallest molecules, namely the water molecules, can pass through the fine membrane. Almost all other substances are held back. So you get almost 100% pure water.

Boost your health with aboutwater water in gallons

Filtered reverse osmosis water is no more expensive than mineral, table or spring water. Thanks to a uniform and standardized refinement process, reverse osmosis water offers the highest level of protection against contamination in drinking water.

Contaminants are, for example, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, lime or fertilizer residues, which have been shown to have a negative impact on our health. Numerous test reports on reverse osmosis prove the positive effects of purified reverse osmosis water on our organism.

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