aboutwater drinking bottles in different sizesDrinking bottles are a constant companion on hikes with friends and family, on bike tours through nature and in sporting competitions. They are the perfect traveling companion and will be seen everywhere. Even in the office and at work, nobody wants to be without the practical, reusable drinking bottles made of Tritan™. 

aboutwater drinking mistakes: woman in the gym drinking water

Employees drink from their own bottle, conference participants receive their personal bottle. This is how you can easily bring your events to your target group with your CI. Individualized bottles can also serve as practical giveaways, because Kavodrink bottles are wonderful promotional gifts for customers, employees or business partners.

Print your own drinking bottles

Advertise sustainably with reusable bottles

Some might think that such an everyday object is not suitable to function as an advertising medium. But it is precisely this status that makes a drinking bottle a strong promotional item, because everyone has to drink. The drinking bottle is a simple means of choice to fulfill a crucial basic need.
The high practical value of Kavodrink bottles is therefore undisputed. You help your customers and business partners store drinks and drink on the go. The Tritan™ drinking bottles are sustainable promotional items for everyday use. Whenever your customers or employees are thirsty, they pick up your bottle with the print on it.

With a Kavodrink bottle as a promotional gift, we put your company logo in the right light.

Print your own drinking bottlesInexpensive to buy and at the same time sustainable in use, our Kavodrink bottles remain in the mind of the recipient for a long time. This will improve your corporate image – both internally and externally.

win win situation

Our Tritan™ drinking bottles with imprint therefore represent a win-win situation. Both for your company and your employees, but also and especially for your customers.

We at aboutwater24 offer you a high-quality advertising medium with maximum advertising effect. Because water is a medium without which we cannot survive.

To quench our thirst and stay physically and mentally fit, we drink water all the time. Especially when doing sports, the body needs an even higher supply in order to

bring the water balance back into balance. Portable and resealable drinking bottles are ideal for this.

Sustainable advertising material: "You are what you drink"

Tritan™ drinking bottles are stylish, stable, odorless and free of BPA plasticizers. They are also dishwasher safe and shatterproof.

We implement your logo or your desired slogan in a wide variety of print variants. Screen printing is best for your logo or a colourful, detailed motif.

If you want to create a personalized promotional gift, we offer digital printing and noble laser engraving (laser printing).  

The advertising on bottles is particularly noticeable, since it is always visible. You reach your target group directly and without restrictions, your logo, your slogan or your advertising slogan is always present. Users will definitely take a closer look at your products and services. You make an impression and the likeability of your company will increase, we promise you that.

When color combines with the bottle, a rather inconspicuous product becomes real branded packaging. Bottle and message are inseparable from now on.

Woman at the water dispenser with a drinking bottle