Sustainable & relaxed travel - our practical tips for your next vacation!

The dream travel destination is set, the long-awaited vacation is booked, the anticipation is there and then it's off! But how do you manage to behave sustainably on site without restricting the quality of travel? Or does it even result in advantages for you? We will also tell you more about our new cooperation with the sustainable sailing holiday provider Ahoy Captain!

Sustainable water enjoyment on vacation - a contradiction in terms?!

We are used to the fact that we can safely drink water from the tap at home. But often we only realize what a luxury that actually is when we are abroad. Because in many popular holiday countries there is no potable drinking water available. Many tourists solve this problem by running to the nearest local supermarket and stocking up on plastic bottled water.

Water march! Easily filter your water yourself!

But there is a much more practical, environmentally friendly and long-term cheaper alternative. We therefore recommend ours for your next trip LifeSaver® Liberty bottle to pack. So you can easily filter your water yourself and are independent. The filtered water is free of solids, bacteria or viruses and also tastes wonderful. A built-in activated carbon filter completely eliminates odors and bad taste. So get in the suitcase with your LifeSaver® Liberty bottle and save yourself the hassle of lugging disposable water bottles on site.

Iconlifesaver Liberty drinking bottle

Cooperation in the name of sustainability

if you with Ahoy Captain! If you go on a sailing holiday, you don't have to worry about your water supply at all, because from now on our LifeSaver® JerryCans are on board. In this way, the entire crew can be supplied directly with freshly filtered water. The young Munich start-up thus proves that sailing holidays can not only be fantastically beautiful, but also sustainable. PET disposable bottles on board are a thing of the past and the environment is happy!

How the LifeSaver® JerryCan works on board

In the port, each 18 liter capacity Jerrycans filled via the water system of the marinas. Depending on the strength of the crew, there are enough refillable cans on board to be self-sufficient for several days before the next marina has to be called at.

The Jerrycan is easy to use and follows the principle "Fill - Pump - Drink". All you need to do is pump the built-in pump a few times to increase the pressure in the can. When there is enough pressure in the system, all you have to do is turn on the tap and the water is filled into refillable drinking water bottles.

The filter located in the Jerrycan removes any viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites. In addition, an activated carbon filter filters out possible taste impairments and odors.

...and finally our 7 best quick tips for your sustainable behavior on site:

  • Buy regional products, go to local markets and gather new culinary impressions.
  • Bring reusable shopping bags and buy loose products whenever possible.
  • Use digital maps and save yourself mountains of paper plans.
  • Switch to public transport, walk or rent a bike.
  • Use services and offers from locals such as guided hikes.
  • Participate in CleanUp campaigns or simply pick up rubbish yourself from time to time.
  • Only use skin and environmentally friendly sunscreen and insect repellent.

Those were our practical tips for traveling sustainably. If you are looking for other products for your trip, let our range inspire and find just the right thing.