A world without plastic is unimaginable. Plastic is seemingly always at play in everything we consume. We type on a plastic keyboard, we buy fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic. We're sitting in the cinema and eating our pop corn out of a plastic cup. Plastic is part of our daily consumer behavior.

In everyday life, however, we sometimes manage quite well to get by without or with less plastic. We here at aboutwater24 are very sensitive to the topic of plastic avoidance and the sustainable use of our resources. We no longer have single-use plastic bottles in our office, we only drink our water from reusable Kavodrink bottles. In addition, we deal with the topic of water, drinking water and water filtering on a daily basis.

But what about vacation or travel? Do we also think as much during the weeks we use to relax?

Avoid plastic bottles from the supermarket
A 2-person household in Bangkok saves this amount of plastic bottles every week by using one Cube water filter

This year we had one of the hottest summers in the history of measurements here in our latitudes. Our body constantly responded with the signal – drink!

But nobody here with us has to worry about whether he or she has enough clean water to drink or wash. Not even in such an extreme summer. Drinking water always and everywhere is so natural that we no longer think about it.

But if clean water is missing, then it is the most precious commodity we know. It is the basis of life par excellence. We are always aware of this when we travel. Not only can we not use the water sources we normally use on the go, such as water from the tap, but the waste situation in countries with little or no access to clean drinking water is devastating.

Think about it for yourself: No matter where, in summer or tropical temperatures, each person should drink 2 liters of water, which is quickly 4 plastic bottles a day. For a round trip of 3 weeks, that's 84 bottles per person.

How many plastic bottles do you use during a trip? Are you traveling in a country with a good recycling system? Are you worried about what happens to your plastic waste?

Isn't that different? 

Drinking bottle without plastic with a water filter stands in the sand by the sea
The Liberty bottle - avoid plastic bottles - filter water yourself

We always have a mechanical filter with us when traveling or on long hikes, our Liberty bottle. We always filter our water ourselves and make it drinking water. We travel relaxed and with a clear conscience. We no longer need to worry whether the water we find is safe to drink or whether it is contaminated. Whether an injured wild animal has bathed in a small pond or from which pipe we draw our water. Thanks to the built-in filter, there are no problems with diarrhea or nausea abroad. Safety first as one of the most important things on any trip is safe drinking water to avoid infection from this side.

When it comes to purifying water and avoiding plastic bottles, the Liberty Bottle gives us the freedom to do so. And the thirsty can be sure that he can make any water his drinking water. The bottle filters all solids, viruses and bacteria and also makes our drinking water taste good thanks to the built-in carbon filter. Odors are eliminated, the water tastes perfect.

Our water filter repertoire includes different mobile water filter systems, from the handy Liberty bottle to the 19 liter Jerrycan. However, these products are not only used by the military or aid organizations. Private individuals can also make more than use of it, when traveling or even when living abroad.

Drinking bottle without plastic with water filter
Hanoi – you can also use this water from the Hoan Kiem Lake to make the Liberty bottle Drinking water!

Living plastic-free - avoiding plastic bottles - no longer a utopia.

Plastic-free drinking bottle with water filter for on the go
The Liberty Bottle in Halong Bay (Vietnam)

It doesn't matter where the traveler is headed. Whether he is on foot or backpacking, staying in a 5-star hotel or living abroad for a while. With the Liberty Bottle, he or she now has a suitable means of treating his or her water, thus avoiding plastic waste and ultimately saving money.

Light and handy, the Liberty bottle can also be stowed in your luggage and is therefore always with you.

No more excuses - another step towards a plastic-free life. 

Plastic-free drinking bottle with water filter for on the go
With the travel case your water filter is always with you!