Many of us have a firm grip on everyday life most of the time. In the little time we have left, we look for a balance, our very personal adventure, which makes us forget everything else.

Overlanding - authentic, up close & sustainable

Cars drive along the coast
@expeditionmarooned on the road (images @expeditionmarooned)

With one goal in mind, to see the world or to get to know it better. A trip that means more than just vacation. Either a weekend trip or a multi-week adventure trip across a foreign continent. With your own vehicle and optimal equipment.

Our reward - history - culture - landscape - self-sufficiency

We get intensive insights into countries and people, experience authentic encounters off the tourist track, marvel at spectacular natural scenery and have wonderful experiences.

But all Overlanders have one thing in common, that is traveling overland.

With the feeling of always having your own home with you, it is always the journey that counts, not the destination.

Basically, Overlanders live a tourism that respects the locals, the cultural heritage and the environment. Traveling like this requires more conscious decisions when planning your trip and a dose of local responsibility.

The team of @expeditionmarooned is currently en route from Los Angeles to South America bound for the Falkland Islands. The purpose of the trip is to raise awareness for military veterans.

parked car
The LifeSaver Jerrycans on the roof of the Land Rover (Image credit: @expeditionmarooned)

The planned route takes the Expedition Marooned team from California to the Baja Peninsula, from where they take the ferry to mainland Mexico. It will continue through Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama). The two Land Rovers will be shipped from there to Colombia. The reason for this is the so-called Darien Gap, impassable swampland. From there the journey continues through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile to Argentina. 14 countries - different climate zones, from the deepest jungle to the dry desert and snow-capped mountains await the daring.

Sustainability is also a priority in this adventure. Not only to leave tire tracks behind, but also to make a positive contribution - in the interests of those who live in the countries visited, but also in the interests of those who will follow.

Because travel always comes with a responsibility and more people should be aware of the impact this has on our climate, the oceans and the local people.

Sufficient planning is required for success, especially when it comes to preparing and using the right outdoor utensils, which can also be useful in an emergency.

Icon LifeSaver has for this reason also Expedition Marooned supports. For self-sufficient water supply are the Life Saver Jerry Cans used on this expedition.

aboutwater Lifesaver drinking water filter for on the go
Filtering clean water - canister - water tank and filter in one - jerrycan (Image material: @expeditionmarooned)

The intelligent ones come for the water supply LifeSaver products with you in the campervan or in your 4*4 off-road vehicle. Whenever you're on the go, don't leave any plastic waste behind or, ideally, don't create any plastic waste in the first place.