For Lisa, it shouldn't be just any bottle that she carries through the streets of the city every day and always has with her when doing sports, but one that she refills. One that must never be empty, one that accompanies you inside and outside, THE refill bottle for Lisa's clear conscience.

Because no matter what kind of sport Lisa does, it is important to her that she has an adequate supply of liquids. Your body is challenged every day and needs water.

Knowing about the effects of disposable plastic waste, Lisa decided on the Kavodrink bottle made of Tritan because she wants to consciously contribute to a sustainable change in her everyday life with her actions.

It's great for Lisa that the Kavodrink bottles are available in different sizes – she simply chooses the bottle size that's best suited to the type of sport she's currently practicing, eg the 0.75 liter for the bottle holder on the bike or the 1 liter bottle , when Lisa works as a trainer in the fitness center. She doesn't have to save on the filling quantity either, since she doesn't have to carry the bottle around with her during training.

aboutwater water dispenser: drinking bottles of different sizes
Bottle sizes Kavodrink bottles

Wherever Lisa is, the Kavodrink bottle stays tight and doesn't leak, and its low weight makes it easy to transport. And even if the bottle falls down, nothing happens because it is unbreakable. Also a big advantage compared to the glass bottles that Lisa used to use.

The flip top closure is ideal for Lisa when doing sports, she can open it with one hand and then drink comfortably. As soon as she closes the flip-top again, the drinking spout is protected from dirt. Also ideal for jogging or hiking in the great outdoors. And thanks to the practical recessed grip, she always has a firm grip on the bottle.

aboutwater drinking bottle: Gym woman and man drink water
Kavo drink in the fitness center

Kavodrink bottles are very easy to clean due to their large opening, as you can really reach all corners and ends of the bottle. It is also transparent, so there is no breeding ground for bacteria - as is often the case with opaque drinking bottles. The dishwasher can also rinse the Kavodrink bottle for sports well, and it can handle heat well.

The material Tritan™ replaces any PET bottle due to its longevity, is reusable and free of harmful plasticizers such as bisphenol A, ecologically and sustainably thought out.

The water bottle is now Lisa's daily companion, everywhere when Lisa meets her friends, at work or at university, even in the evening when she is rehearsing a new song with her band, like today.

aboutwater drinking bottle: woman drinks water after sport