After the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, catastrophic conditions prevail on the ground.

The Department of International Development in the UK reports that following the events in Sulawesi, which forced thousands of people to flee their homes, UK AID is donating tents, solar lights and 2,300 Cube portable water filters from Icon Lifesaver® to alleviate the need to alleviate the local people. Here in link a video, which demonstrates how helpful the use of such a system on site in Indonesia is for the helpers and those affected. Source: Government UK/Department for International Development/Penny Mordaunt

Water filter for on the go Lifesaver

More than 70,000 people are currently without a roof over their heads. Everything is missing. Food, medicine, clean water, the residents of the island of Sulawesi need all of this.

There are also reports that there is currently unbelievable chaos on site. Countless people sleep outdoors without drinking water or enough food. The petrol is gone, there is no way to communicate (because the mobile phone signal is partly down) and the airports are completely overwhelmed as everyone with the necessary change wants to leave the capital Palu as soon as possible. There is also a great fear of epidemics.

Bird's eye view of a small town
Pexel License – Photographer Tom Fisk

With the Lifesaver® water filters you can quickly restore the drinking water supply. Even if the water is heavily polluted and polluted, the mobile filter, which is installed directly in the canister, cleans and filters the water into clean, drinkable water that tastes good. This is ensured by additional carbon filters.

With this water filter you can produce usable drinking water from almost any water.

car in the mud
Pexel License – Photographer Ahmad Syahrir

The Icon Lifesaver® water filter has proven itself, has been used in environmental disasters for many years and withstands the toughest demands because it is made of high-quality and robust materials. The filters are part of the standard equipment of many aid organizations.

Plastic-free drinking bottle with water filter for on the go Lifesaver

And even with our smaller and portable filter systems like the Lifesaver Liberty® bottle, you can purify up to 2000 liters of clean water with just one integrated filter - that gives you security too. Because you too often ask yourself the question? How do I get clean water when I'm out and about, trekking or long-distance travel?

This video shows you how easy the filter works.