Everyone does it, everyone needs it, everyone wants it: drink!

Because our drinking water is the resource that we need most urgently.

Water is not only our number 1 food, but much more: It is absolutely a prerequisite for all life. Therefore, we should be able to cover our liquid requirement of around two liters a day anytime and anywhere with water from the tap.

Because only then does it call for quality enjoyment and is a prerequisite and expression of a good quality of life.

However, drinking water should not only be healthy. It should also come out of the tap as pure and natural as possible, cool and appetizing, wherever we are.

In many places around the world, water has to be treated to meet our drinking water standards. The responsible handling of our increasingly scarce food is therefore on everyone's lips.

The raw material water, which comes from bubbling springs and crystal-clear mountain streams, can only partially be used directly. Substances that get into the drinking water on the way to the consumer often pose a health risk. It is therefore important to keep "foreign substances" out of the drinking water - as far as possible and as precautionary as possible.

But why do you also need drinking water treatment in your household?

In which region do you and your loved ones live, is your water clean, contains lime, is there iron in the water? Do you live in an agricultural environment, is your water sometimes even polluted?

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Photo: Pexels/CCO License