Water - primal element and elixir of our entire life.

making water your water

The passion for water unites us. aboutwater is your contact for everything to do with drinking water supply. You will find our products in companies, offices, schools and of course in private households. We drink water anytime, anywhere!

About us​

We are the water experts and your partner for the future. 

Michael with his know-how from the packaging industry and Sönke with his expertise in drinking water supply put their heart and soul into aboutwater in order to offer you a unique product and service package when it comes to water. 

At the beginning of 2018, the two founded aboutwater, the umbrella brand for aboutwater24 and Avendi.  

Both agree: "Water is our passion" and they combine this passion with many years of experience and broad product and market knowledge. 

Our team

We are the aboutwater team and your direct contacts for everything to do with water. Our team consists of experts with a wide range of specializations. What we all have in common is the joy of water. 

Together we form the heart of aboutwater. Clear communication, well-founded specialist knowledge and dealing with each other in a spirit of partnership are the basis for our success. We are always available to answer your questions even after the deal has been concluded. 

Call us today - we look forward to hearing from you!

Your aboutwater team

Sonke Rocho

Managing Director

Michael Reiser

Managing Director

Christian Irrgang

Managing Director

Anna Kropfitsch

Head of Sales South

Matthew Autumn

Head of Sales North

Petra Graef

Finance and Inside Sales

Josefine Mattig

Head of Internal Sales

Florian Graef

Key Account

Rene Kuehn

Finance Director

Julia Thallinger

head of marketing

Thierry Bruner

Head of Technology

Marlene Huthmair

International sales office

Filippo Volsi


Dominik Schörling


Norbert Kohlross


Michael Master


Bruno Previtali


Michael Stips


Versatile range of services and strong experts at aboutwater

At aboutwater you can expect an all-round carefree package! From advice on the right water dispenser for your company - be it a piped system or a water cooler with osmosis water - to the right accessories and drinking bottles made of BPA-free Tritan or glass, we offer everything you need for your everyday water needs.

Are you a real adventurer and travel a lot? Not all countries offer pure and healthy drinking water to their visitors. Our range of LifeSaver portable water filters ensure you always have safe drinking water available when you're on the go. 

Can't start the day without coffee? With the renowned Munich coffee provider Avendi, we always provide you and your company with the dark elixir of life and the right fully automatic coffee machine.

Above all, we always focus on the aspect of sustainability. By using our products, we protect the environment and bring pure and pure water to where our customers need it. 

This is our daily challenge, which we meet with joy and enthusiasm.  


The aboutwater team has firmly anchored sustainability as a corporate goal. With our range of products related to drinking water, we act responsibly for people and the environment. 

Our products offer an easy way to contribute to the environment. Our water dispenser reduce costs, waste and CO² emissions caused by the purchase, transport and storage of bottled water.

We don't make any compromises when it comes to drinking pleasure either. With our refillable drinking bottles we promote drinking behavior, motivation and ultimately productivity.

the Kavodrink– We always have a drinking bottle made of Tritan with us in everyday life. This is how we ensure that we actually only drink the best water - without any plasticizers.

Numerous customers already trust our drinking bottles and even have them customized.

For more fun drinking water!

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Our aboutwater locations

Here you can find the aboutwater partners in your area. We are located in Germany and Austria and are always available for you. Nationwide service throughout Germany.

Headquarters of aboutwater GmbH – Munich/Planegg

aboutwater site in Weitnau

Frankfurt am Main 

aboutwater Partner Bühler-Catering GmbH – Ettlingen

aboutwater Partner Fritz Steinhaus GmbH & Co. KG – Gütersloh

aboutwater Partner Gleisner GmbH & Co.KG – Lauf an der Pegnitz

aboutwater partner GWA beverage and goods machines GmbH – Magdeburg

aboutwater location Osnabrück

aboutwater location Lüdinghausen

aboutwater Düsseldorf location

aboutwater Hamburg location

aboutwater location Berlin

aboutwater location Dresden

aboutwater location Gronau

aboutwater Partner Steinmeier GmbH-Steinhagen

aboutwater partner Kyffhäuser-Waterworld – Artern

aboutwater partner Schoettle Beverage Service GbR – Haiterbach

aboutwater Partner Coffee Machines & Service GmbH – Burgdorf

aboutwater partner beverages Wagner Vending GmbH – Laakirchen

aboutwater location Rostock

aboutwater location Deggendorf

aboutwater location Ulm

aboutwater location Freiburg

aboutwater location Saarland

aboutwater location Mendig

aboutwater location Oldenburg

Become part of the aboutwater partner network

Become a regional partner in the growing aboutwater network and benefit from our valuable knowledge of the market, competition, innovations, the legal situation and much more. We offer you an all-round carefree package so that you can concentrate fully on your customers.

We are THE water experts and your partner for the future. Benefit from our brand and our wide range of products. Water is our passion and we combine this passion with many years of experience and broad product and market knowledge!

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