There is no faster way to a hot cappuccino – fully automatic coffee machines for the office, start-ups and small companies

Time for a short coffee break! However, if the usual coffee machine in the company is not filled, it can take longer than the planned break to make coffee. With coffee machines for the office, on the other hand, you have your coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato in your hand at the push of a button and can really enjoy your coffee break.

Worry-free coffee service from aboutwater

Coffee machine care in the office - don't give a damn.

Anyone who chooses the coffee service from Avendi is choosing uncompromising coffee enjoyment at work. According to your wishes, we take care of the entire construction, adjustment and maintenance of the fully automatic coffee machines in your start-up up to the delivery of suitable coffee beans from Mocambo.

Of course, we also take care of the delivery, commissioning and, if necessary, the repair of the coffee machine in the office. Let us advise you which coffee machine and which service suits your small company best. We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your needs, regardless of whether you want to buy or rent. At Avendi you will always receive a tailor-made and individual offer for coffee machine rental.

Attention start-ups and offices - coffee machines with style

It doesn't always have to be a portafilter machine that takes you a year to find the right setting for your taste. Offices and small businesses are often better suited to having a coffee machine as they are much easier to use and easier to keep clean. For basic cleaning and other hygienic precautions, we can also take care of the maintenance of your coffee machine on request. And best of all: With hot drinks that always turn out perfectly, you always keep employees and customers happy.

Our laRhea and Jura coffee machines are real eye-catchers in the kitchen, hallway or common room of your office. The modern, clear design and the high-quality materials really make you want to drink your way through the range of coffees. The exclusive color displays and the simple touch selection not only contribute significantly to the elegant design, but also to the user-friendliness. Even hip start-ups will not want to do without the lightning-fast coffee miracle after a short time.

Save with the fully automatic coffee machine rental for the office

As a smaller company or as a company that is still being set up, the next step in growth may already be imminent. If the coffee machine is no longer sufficient, you have to regularly invest in new equipment.

In such cases, at Avendi we simply offer you a larger machine for rent and you remain flexible. More and more companies are therefore renting the coffee machines, also because the service behind them is convincing. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time - we look forward to hearing from you!

We'll make you steam: with our ANIMO products

Of course, you can only use a fully automatic coffee machine for the office for mobile coffee use. Our ANIMO coffee products therefore also provide you with full-bodied and freshly brewed coffee at trade fairs or other company outings. The coffee brewer and the pump thermos are easy to use and can be transported without much effort. Find out more now about flexible coffee enjoyment with aboutwater.

Italian style coffee break

Anyone who goes to the laRhea coffee machine does not simply take a coffee break at work, but rather experiences a short trip to sunny Milan. Enjoy the unique and full-bodied taste of the first-class Mocambo coffee beans and let yourself be carried away by your surroundings. It doesn't matter whether you are a small, long-established company or a young start-up, sit back and, after your cup of coffee, start back at your desk with your senses invigorated.

laRhea V+ Grande whole bean

laRhea V+ iC whole bean

laRhea V+ Grande Premium

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our fully automatic coffee machines are not only easy to use, but also very easy to clean. On our YouTube channel, we show you in short instruction videos how you can clean your fully automatic coffee machine yourself.


Noble mixtures for every taste.

Best Italian tradition and the passion for real coffee culture drive the family business Mocambo. We are pleased to offer the exquisite coffees from Mocambo.

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