For the office, the canteen or the sales area - with fully automatic coffee machines for larger companies you ensure satisfied employees, customers and guests

Fully automatic coffee machines for larger offices in Munich

Do you have more than 15 employees or even several locations, departments or would you like to equip a canteen with coffee machines? Avendi will advise you extensively and, if you wish, will supply your entire company with coffee machines and fresh coffee. We'll help you find the right office coffee machine that works fast enough to provide everyone with their favorite hot drink and looks good at the same time. Avendi is your professional if you want to rent or buy fully automatic coffee machines for the office.

The stimulating and stimulating effect of coffee is already known. But did you know that coffee can do so much more? Which customer is not happy about an extensive coffee offer that sweetens waiting times in the office?

Which employee does not appreciate good coffee at work at affordable prices or even for free? You too can increase the productivity of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers and guests with professional coffee machines.

Did you know: The aroma of fully automatic coffee machines can develop much better than with conventional coffee machines, since the water pressure is higher and the coffee beans are freshly ground and brewed in the machine. An automatic cleaning system also simplifies the daily use of the coffee machine in a larger office. Find out now about our services: from installation and maintenance to the delivery of coffee beans.

Untroubled coffee enjoyment in large companies in Munich

Who likes standing in front of a broken coffee machine in the morning? Who cooks the classic filter coffee in the office in the morning and waits until it has all gone through? Do you sometimes feel helpless and alone with your coffee machine? With Avendi, these questions no longer arise in your large company. We take care of your coffee enjoyment from the selection, the structure and the right settings to the regular maintenance of the coffee machines. Your employees do not waste time with tiresome coffee tasks, but get their favorite drink from sweet cappuccino to aromatic black coffee at the push of a button.

Do you already know our coffee range? We are also happy to ensure that you always have enough coffee beans.

laRhea coffee machine: the eye-catcher in the open-plan office

The fully automatic coffee machines from laRhea and Jura not only impress with their elegant and space-saving shape, but above all with the help of the glass touchscreen and the detailed information on the respective hot drinks. Of course, since we at Avendi know that looks aren't everything, our coffee machines for larger companies also impress with their fair price-performance ratio and the large coffee menu. Especially if many people are to benefit from the same fully automatic coffee machine in the office, there must be the right coffee for every taste. Your employees are not tied to a specific drink and can enjoy their favorite coffee variety at the touch of a button.

Advantages with aboutwater at a glance


Noble mixtures for every taste.

Best Italian tradition and the passion for real coffee culture drive the family business Mocambo. We are pleased to offer the exquisite coffees from Mocambo.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our fully automatic coffee machines are not only easy to use, but also very easy to clean. On our YouTube channel, we show you in short instruction videos how you can clean your fully automatic coffee machine yourself.

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