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Mocambo coffee - small bean & great tradition

The coffee roasting company Mocambo was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Drago and is now roasting in the third generation. Best Italian tradition and the passion for real coffee culture drive the family business Mocambo. Every day, all employees here face the challenge of creating exquisite coffee blends and gently roasting them. But not only the production of unique coffee varieties has always been the mission of this roastery, but also to meet the individual taste of each customer.

Where do our coffee beans come from?

The quality of a roasting plant is not only reflected in the excellent taste of the contents of the cup, but also in the sustainability of the coffee production. Good quality begins with the cultivation of the coffee beans on the plantations in Brazil, India and Africa. The Mocambo coffee roasting company is in close contact with the coffee farmers and actively supports them. Starting with the picking to the careful processing of the coffee cherries, which contain the coffee bean inside. This is how excellent Mocambo coffee is made.

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Dolce Gusto at fair prices

More and more people attach importance to the high-quality production of their food. They want to know where they come from, whether they were produced sustainably and whether nature was not additionally burdened by the production. Of course, this also applies to coffee. With our coffee from Mocambo, we not only guarantee an experience for the senses and sustainable production methods, but also a unique price/performance ratio. All coffee beans are ideally suited for our fully automatic machines for large or small companies.

Pick-me-up and relaxation aid

For many, it is an integral part of their morning routine or lunch break: coffee. Whether it's cappuccino, espresso or latte macchiato, coffee stands for centuries of drinking culture and is today one of the most traded products worldwide. Within a year, we Germans drink an average of 149 liters of our much-loved drink - that's about the same amount as a bathtub. Thanks to their simple operation and their wide range of products, fully automatic machines are extremely popular.

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