Sustainable Travel - Clean and safe drinking water in the mobile home, when camping and on the go.

For many, traveling with a camper or car - and a packed tent - is the non plus ultra. Staying mobile on holiday and heading to several places promises an individual travel experience. Health-conscious people also pay attention to clean drinking water at their holiday destination. Depending on the travel destination, the supply of drinking water from the tap can become a major problem. But only clean drinking water and good hygiene form the basis for a relaxed journey.

The tanks in the mobile home are filled at the holiday location. In most cases, however, this water can only be used as service water for showering or for the toilet, since it has been disinfected and cleaned with chlorine. And if you are traveling with your tent in a remote area far from the nearest supermarket, how do you get safe drinking water there? Even in the headwaters of streams, the water can be contaminated by environmental influences or a dead animal.

Water filter for on the go Lifesaver
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For many, the purchase of a permanently installed water filter system in the mobile home is too expensive. That is why plastic water bottles or water canisters are still bought locally in the holiday destination.

Every sip of water for drinking or cooking must be taken with you. Again we produce plastic waste completely unnecessarily. With all the accompanying and well-known disadvantages and a guilty conscience, which is always with you when you travel. This affects many travelers and in terms of sustainability, a change in thinking is also noticeable here.

Because there are water filters that filter water from unsafe sources into safe and clean drinking water - quite simply - mobile for on the go in bottle form, but also as a small and robust water filter system in a cube or canister.

Water filter for on the go Lifesaver: Woman sits in the car and drinks filtered water
Drinking water anytime, anywhere

The big advantage:

The water filters are portable, not built-in, and therefore always with you. The water from cisterns and streams, but also from the tank in the mobile home can be drunk carefree. The filters are not only suitable for the quick production of drinking water, but are also used for dental care and for cooking. With a larger canister you can even store, transport and filter dirty water as needed. All this without the addition of chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

Water filter for on the go Lifesaver for travel
Always with you - sustainably clean water - avoid plastic waste

You can think one step further Outdoor water filter easily reduce the burden on our environment, so that clean, high-quality drinking water becomes a matter of course, even on the go.

Water filter for on the go Lifesaver
Filter water sustainably and make it drinkable