Autumn is hiking time..

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the mountains or outdoors in autumn will certainly be familiar with this situation.

You start the day with your drinking bottle – well filled with water. But quickly - especially with these late summer temperatures - the water supply is quickly used up and the question arises: How do I get fresh water now?

We all want to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day, and anyone who is out and about for a long time knows that lugging a lot of water can become difficult over time.

How far is it to the next cabin? Is there a stream along the way? Can I withdraw and drink water there without hesitation?

Because our water should not make us sick and should be free of pathogens. Even if water smells good and looks clean, it can still be contaminated because it is often mixed with suspended matter, algae, plant remains, but also animal remains and can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

These include, above all, the well-known bacteria such as E.coli, Shigella and Salmonella. But there are countless unicellular and multicellular organisms that can be dangerous to us. In many cases, viruses can also be ingested through the mouth, i.e. also through our drinking water.

Thus, any supposedly safe water source is also potentially dangerous.

Drinking bottle on the go: man fills up his bottle in the lake

Enthusiastic outdoor freaks and campers boil their water, this kills many pathogens, but not all. In addition, the boiling has no effect on the appearance, smell and taste, it takes a lot of time and the water has to cool down again before it can actually be consumed. So nothing for our longer hike in the mountains.

Many people who are out and about treat their water with tablets, which results in oxidation processes and pathogens are destroyed. In order to use this technique, you need optically clear water and a sufficient dosage. Unfortunately, these remedies also cause an unpleasant aftertaste.

And then there are also water filters like these for our desired area of application Lifesaver Liberty™ drinking bottle, which mechanically filters all pathogens out of the water through microscopically small pores. With this mobile water filter system you play it safe and you can take water from any source, no matter how trustworthy, without hesitation and filter it to fresh, clean and safe drinking water. 

Drinking bottle with water filter for on the go without plastic: man fills his bottle with water

Bacteria and viruses are efficiently and sustainably removed by this filter. In addition, the water with this system always tastes good and fresh, because a built-in activated carbon filter turns musty and bad-tasting water into clean and fragrant drinking water. With a hose and an associated pump, water can be taken from even the smallest water source on the go.

A safe, practical and sustainable way to get usable drinking water, the Liberty™ Lifesaver drinking bottle, drinking bottle and filter in one, equipped with the so-called Fail Safe principle. This guarantees you that dirty water will never get through the integrated filter, safe, sustainable and usable anytime and anywhere.